ML-Hunters Reading Group Meeting Schedule -- Spring 2018

ML-Hunters Reading Group Meeting Schedule, Spring 2018

Meetings are on Friday from 12:00-1:00 pm in MEB 4158. Group Meeting Agenda
(unless otherwised noted)

Hosted by: Vivek Gupta

Date   Presenter(s)   Topic   Resources  
1/1 Maitrey Mehta Diverse Beam Search[Paper]
1/8 Vivek Gupta and Abhinav Kumar Basic I: Non-Convex Optimization[Video][Monographs]
2/15 NA Cancelled NA
2/22 Vivek Gupta and Abhinav Kumar Basic II: Non-Convex Optimization[Video] [Monographs]
3/1 Vivek Gupta and Abhinav Kumar Projected/Conjugate Gradient Descent[PPT][Monographs]
3/8 Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break
3/15 Vivek Gupta Accelerated Stochastic Gradient Descent [Video][Slides]

Fall 2018 ML-Hunters Reading Group Meetings