Research Fellowship

Microsoft Research Lab, India

I worked as a Research Fellow in the Machine Learning, Natural Language Systems and Applications group at Microsoft Research India. I work under the guidance of Dr Prateek Jain, Dr Praneeth Netrapalli, and Dr Nagarajan Natarajan on problems related to machine learning and natural language processing.


Facebook AI Research, Seattle, Washington (virtual)

I worked on efficient and effective semantic parsing for a task-oriented dialogues system. Publication under review at top-tier NLP conference.

IBM Research, Thomas J. Watson Research Center, New York

I worked on generating interpretable explanation for Natural Language Task. Speciffically, I worked on Generating Contrastive Explanations for Natural Language Processing. The idea is the closest meaning attribute whose present and absence are necessary to explain the model prediction. The method has a close connection of the topic with Adversarial Learning and Counterfactual Explanations. We proposed an edit based controlled paraphrase model with topic modelling based interpretable attribute to handle the above challenges. I work under the guidance of Karthikeyan Shanmugam, Pin-Yu Chen, Ioana Baldini, Prasanna Sattigeri, Ronny Luss, Amit Dhurandhar, Kush R Varshney.

Microsoft Research Lab, India

I worked on Efficient Estimation of generalization error, bias and variance component of ensemble classifiers. Our method provide a technique for efficient estimation of classification score using only a required bare minimum number of base classifiers. I was mentored by Dr. Sundararajan Sellamanickam (Microsoft Research) and Dr. Dhruv Mahajan (Facebook Research). I also receive a Research Fellowship offer in the end of internship.

Flipkart Internet Private Ltd, Bangalore

I worked there as a junior researcher with Data Science group during the 4th-year summer on a collaborative project between IIT Kanpur and Flipkart. I worked on the problem of web scale hierarichal classification of e-commerce products. I worked under the guidance of architect Mr Pradhuman Jhala ( and Prof. Harish Karnick (IIT Kanpur). My work was well appreciated and even got the best poster award among all Interns. I also receive the Pre Placement Offer at the end of internship.

Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore

I worked there as a Student Trainee with Siddhant Mittal during 3rd-year summer. I worked in mobile health care technology in Samsung wearable under guidance of Mr. Sandip Bhaumik (Senior Manager) and Mr. Raj Roy (Manager). I filed a patent and paper based on my work, which got accepted at BIBM 2016 conference, HIDS 2016 and BHI 2016 workshops. I also received a Pre Placement Offer at the end of internship. My work was appreciated by Dr. Ochintya Sharma Senior Vice President, Web and Services.

Synopsys, Inc., Bangalore

I worked there as a Technical Intern during the 2nd-year summer on Data Analytics. I worked on a function Verification Project (Dali) under the guidance of Mr. Diganchal Chakrobarty (Senior R&D engineer) and Mr. Yogesh Pandey (Director, R&D). My work was appreciated by Mr Yogesh Pandey who is an IIT Kanpur Alumni and Director Verification Group, Synopsys.