Refereed Conference/Workshop Publications

  • A Logic-Driven Framework for Consistency of Neural Models
    Tao Li, Vivek Gupta, Maitrey Mehta and Vivek Srikumar
    Accepted to appear at EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019

  • Effective Dimensionality Reduction for Word Embeddings
    Vikas Raunak, Vivek Gupta and Florian Metze
    Published at RepL4NLP 2019. [Paper] [Poster]

  • On Dimensional Linguistic Properties of the Word Embedding Space
    Vikas Raunak, Vaibhav Kumar, Vivek Gupta and Florian Metze
    Accepted to appear at ACL-SRW 2019 (non-archival)
    Email me on my gmail id for paper and code

  • Word Polysemy Aware Document Vector Estimation
    Vivek Gupta’, Ankit Saw’, Harshit Gupta, Pegah Nokhiz and Partha Talukdar
    Accepted to appear at NAACL-SRW 2019 (non-archival)
    Email me on my gmail id for paper and code

  • Distributional Semantics meet Multi-Label Learning
    Vivek Gupta, Rahul Wadbude, Nagararjan Natararjan, Harish Karnick, Prateek Jain, Piyush Rai
    Published at AAAI 2019 [Paper] [PPT] [Poster]

  • Unsupervised Semantic Abstractive Summarization
    Shibhansh Dohare, Vivek Gupta, Harish Karnick,
    Published at 2018 ACL Student Research Workshop (SRW) [PrePrint] [Paper] [Poster]

  • Sparse Composite Document Vectors using soft clustering over distributional representations
    Dheeraj Mekala’, Vivek Gupta’, Bhargavi Paranjape , Harish Karnick
    Published at EMNLP 2017. [Paper] [PPT]

  • Product Classification in E-Commerce using Distributional Semantics
    Vivek Gupta, Harish Karnick, Ashendra Bansal, Pradhuman Jhala
    Published at COLING 2016. [Paper] [Poster] [PPT]

  • User Bias Removal in Review Score Prediction
    Rahul Wadbude, Vivek Gupta, Dheeraj Mekala, Harish Karnick
    Published at CoDS-COMAD 2018 and DAB at CIKM 2017. [Paper] [Poster] [PPT].

  • Assisting Humans to Achieve Optimal Sleep by Changing Ambient Temperature
    Vivek Gupta’, Siddhant Mittal’, Sandip Bhaumik, Raj Roy
    Published at BIBM 2016, also appear in BHI 2016 and HI-DS 2016. [Paper] [PPT]

(Permanently) arXiv-ed articles

  • Efficient Estimation of Generalization Error and Bias-Variance Components of Ensembles
    Dhruv Mahajan, Vivek Gupta, Satya Keerthi, Sundararjan Sellamanickam

  • Bayes-optimal Hierarichal Classification over Asymmetric Tree-Distance Loss
    Dheeraj Mekala, Vivek Gupta, Purushottam Kar, Harish Karnick
    Technical Report. [Report]

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